Avalon has fabulous lesson horses that will carry you all the way from the very beginner up to the show ring winner!


As you progress through your training as a rider or driver you will be asked to perform certain tasks in order to competently compete in the show ring which will prepare you to handle the unexpected. Here at Avalon, the emphasis is on being “proactive”, not “reactive’’. Let the Avalon Staff show you how to make your mark in the world of competitive horse showing!

The Avalon lesson program offers a variety of riding lesson experience to personalize your experience and equestrian development:

  • Private lessons (30 minutes) -  $50.00 each

  • Group lessons (30 minutes)- $50.00 each

  • Driving (30 minutes) - $50.00 each

  • Adult riding and discussion class

  • Packages Available at $180.00 for 4 lessons per month.  

Let the Avalon staff increase your equestrian knowledge.

Call Avalon TODAY to schedule your first lesson and ask about our packages.  The fastest way to schedule is to visit the Training page on this site and use the phone numbers listed under the instructors' pictures.  Texts are welcome! 

(Prices as of 2/20) Prices subject to change please call to verify.