2020 Academy Show Schedule

  • March 16:  Gasparilla Charity Horse Show, Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL

  • September 12: Summers End Horse Show, Southeastern Livestock Exp Center, Ocala, FL

  • October 30 - November 1:  Harvest Days Horse Show, Florida State Fairgrounds (start to new highpoint season), Tampa, FL

  • December 6:  Avalon Stables Horse Show, Lutz, FL

Schedule may be subject to changes or additions.

Please be sure to sign up on the bulletin board for any shows you wish to attend, to ensure your entry form gets completed, as well as reserving your horse a spot on the trailer.  Talk with Lonna, Holly and Tiffany about any questions.

Important Information

  • Sportsmanship

Usually a horse show is a child’s first competitive sport that is not a conventional team situation. Riders put a lot of time and effort to try their best. The academy program is designed to let those show who have not yet become completely proficient in their riding, but rather “start somewhere” and work harder to get better. This creates a situation where you or your child will not always win or place well. At Avalon, we like to put our focus on the child’s personal goals and creating a bond between horse and rider. We do not push to a blue ribbon, but a well ridden class sends Avalon staff over the moon proud and excited for that rider. Avalon expects their riders and their parents carry the same attitude. It is a process to teach good sportsmanship, we all know we weren’t born with it! This is usually discussed individually with parents if we feel the child is too disappointed in a performance, or is too hard on themselves. Learning to deal with these feelings is one of the life lessons learned in sports.  Academy also teaches your child how to share gracefully, as our Academy horses only attend shows if they are shared by two or more riders and/or drivers.

  • When do I start to show horses?

The academy division has many age divisions. It is designed with two classes for each age group, equitation and showmanship. Equitation classes are judged on the riders’ basic equitation skills (body position) with correct diagonals to be counted; proper use of show ring is to be considered. Showmanship classes are judged on the rider’s horsemanship abilities. They are judged on the riders ability to control and show their horse, including speed, collectiveness, and placement in the ring (the rider’s command of the horse). The following age divisions are divided to insure fair competition: leadline, 8 and under, 9-10, 11-13, 14-17, Adult

  • Practice Before a Show

Usually students take one to two lessons a week. We encourage them to make sure they are in a group situation as well. A group situation prepares a student for the feeling of riding with 6-8 other riders and all the circumstances that may present them. During the show, there is little time for a warm up, classes run back to back. A rider must be mentally ready to mount and go on into the show ring at maximum performance. This should be practiced at lesson time as well. Rider should practice getting on and give 110% at the beginning of their lesson!

  • Payment

Please be sure to sign up on the bulletin board for any shows you wish to attend, to ensure your entry form gets completed, as well as your horse gets a spot on the trailer. Also, please remember to pay your show bill by date requested to guarantee your entry; once you are entered we can often no longer refund you fully. We will take out show fees and expenses and apply remainder toward lessons. The horse show sign-up sheet will tell you when the payment is due.




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